How to quit smoking once and for all

Let Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Help You Stop

If you are a smoker who wants to quit once and for all, you should consider using smoking cessation hypnosis to quit smoking. It is a popular alternative form of therapy that is increasingly being used by smokers around the country to get rid of this very unhealthy and expensive habit once and for all.

What is hypnosis?
Simply said, it is an alternative therapy that induces a trance-like state of mind that is characterized by higher openness to suggestion and higher focused attention than possible in the usual waking state. This therapy has the ability to increase the responsiveness of the individual and is therefore often used by hypnotherapists to change the unhealthy behaviors of people.

What happens during a session?
In a hypnosis session, a hypnotherapist usually induces a state of relaxation and suggestions are placed into the subconscious mind to help you overcome the habit of smoking. Hypnosis also helps in another way. As we all know that stress is a significant trigger for all smokers to reach for that cigarette. Since this therapy induces deep relaxation, it helps relieve a great deal of stress, thus, reducing cigarette cravings.

You can also practice self-hypnosis that can help induce this state of deep relaxation. You can use CDs and MP3s that guide you into a state of deep relaxation and then provide subliminal messages to your subconscious mind. Each time you listen to the audio, the messages are reinforced and become stronger and stronger.

What are the benefits of smoking cessation hypnosis?
Almost half of the smokers who don’t stop will die due to health problems developed due to smoking cigarettes. You probably already know this and you have also probably tried prescription drugs, chewing gum or nicotine patches. However, with hypnosis you don’t have to use any kind of drugs or patches or any other aids. If you are planning to download an audio from the internet, these are not at all expensive considering the benefits that you can achieve from them. It is especially effective for people who think that a lack of will power is what is stopping them from giving up the nicotine habit. Also, the motivation to quit plays an important role in how effective and how quickly you get results from this therapy.

So, if you have tried various drugs and aids to get rid of the cigarette but have failed so far, try smoking cessation hypnosis to help you kick the habit. A very effective hypnosis therapy is Neuro linguistic therapy or NLP and it has been found that people who use NLP to stop smoking have been able to do this in as less than a week. So, don’t waste any time and stop smoking by NLP.

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