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Smoking Cessation Hypnosis: A Stop Smoking in an Hour Program Review

Are you a long time cigarette user who is so ready to give it up now? Or are you someone who has tried a number of pills, patches, and techniques but have failed to stop smoking? Well, then here is a smoking cessation hypnosis program that has helped many smokers to get rid of this bad habit successfully. It’s called the Stop Smoking in an Hour program.

Hypnosis – Stop Smoking In An Hour DVD

The Stop Smoking in an Hour program basically uses smoking cessation hypnosis to help cigarette smokers stop this bad habit. Now, you must be wondering what hypnosis is. Well, it is basically an alternative form of therapy that guides you into a deep state of relaxation and makes you more open to suggestions. It has been used by psychotherapists for many years to reduce stress levels and treat various mental disorders such as depression.

Now, hypnosis to quit smoking has been successfully used by some hypnotherapists and clients have reported giving up the cigarette in even a day which is just not possible with other techniques. However, the Quit Smoking Today program utilizes a very specific and the most effective form of hypnosis therapy called Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.

Neuro refers to the neural network that is connected to the brain and linguistics refers to the output of verbal and non verbal information through this network. The word programming means converting signals into useful information. So, basically NLP uses language and communication to reprogram your brain to bring about changes in behaviors. So, when you use NLP to stop smoking, your brain is reprogrammed to change your behavior from smoking to not smoking.

NLP has been effectively used for treating various disorders such as eating disorders, depression, panic attacks, and anxiety disorders. But what you may be thinking is how NLP is a form of hypnosis? Well, it is because in this therapy you perform a mild hypnosis to yourself that makes you go into a light trance and listen to messages that will help you change your emotional attachments to smoking.

Does Stop Smoking in an Hour use NLP? Yes, it does. In this smoking cessation hypnosis program, you receive a CD that you can listen to at any time of the day. The recording takes you into a deep relaxation state that increases your openness to suggestions and then transmits certain messages to your brain to help you get rid of this unhealthy habit once and for all.

This interactive program designed by a Stop Smoking Expert, Susan Hepburn, helps you understand why you haven’t been able to give up smoking. This smoking cessation hypnosis is the easiest way to get rid of the cravings, the weight gain, the hunger, and the short temper caused by the nicotine withdrawal that go along with quitting smoking.

So do you want to stop spending thousands of dollars on a habit that is only destroying your health? Do you want to get your health back and get rid of a behavior that is one of the leading causes of cancer and death around the world? If yes, then get rid of this very unattractive and socially unacceptable behavior by using NLP to stop smoking. Don’t delay another minute and order the Stop Smoking in an Hour DVD now and join the other 96% of ex-smokers who have been successful in kicking off this bad habit using smoking cessation hypnosis. Get ready to enjoy a healthy and smoke free life!

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  • The field of NLP was founded in the 1970s with the studies of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Bandler and Grinder created NLP method after carefully studying the methods used by most successful therapists of the time. They found that there were common elements in the structures and methods used by therapists, and used these methods as the basis for developing the model of neuro-linguistic programming. Bandler and Grinder wrote several books on the subject and began to teach people with NLP coaching courses in the alteration of behavior in themselves and others to be more successful, happier people.

  • Hypnotherapy can definatly help. If you face your trauma youy can better learn to deal with it. But be sure to go to a reputable hypnotheripist. A lot of psychologests are also certified in hypnotherapy and can help you with sorting out those issues.

  • Hypnosis is “a special psychological state with certain physiological attributes, resembling sleep only superficially and marked by a functioning of the individual at a level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state.”[1] One theory suggests that hypnosis is a mental state, while another theory links hypnosis to imaginative role-enactment.[:;.”

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